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HOUSE RULES at Holiday Villa Alena

Dear Guests,
Welcome to our exclusive holiday resort Villa Alena.

We would like to ensure that all of our guests have a pleasant stay, and therefore ask you to follow our house rules. When staying at our holiday villa, the following rules apply:

If you are missing a piece of furniture or any object within the inventory, need help with any appliance or apparatus, please inform us immediately.
Arrival and Departure:

Arrival and Departure days are both considered calendar days during your stay. The house is available on the day of arrival starting at 15:00 (earlier times are possible upon request). Please let us know your expected arrival time a few days before arrival so that we can accommodate accordingly to your needs.

On the day of departure, you should check out and make the room available for the following guest by 11:00 o’clock (you may also schedule a later checkout time upon request to be made in advance). The key collection takes place after individual arrangements have been finalized.

During your stay, we are more than happy to help you with any questions and information on excursions and other tips that you may require. Please don’t hesitate to ask us anything that will make your stay with us more comfortable.

Payment: We would like to ask all guests to pay in cash on the day of arrival during checkin. Upon request, there is also the possibility to make a bank transfer, which must be made at least 7 days in advance before arrival.

A security deposit of 500 euros is required. The security deposit will normally be refunded in full after 14 days of departure, after the property has been checked and no damage found.

No Smoking:
Smoking is not allowed in the house or within any indoor premises.

• The refrigerator should be emptied before departure.
• Please note that the dishes are only in clean condition again in the barrier the same applies to cutlery, pots and utensils (coffee maker, Toaster, kettle …)
• Please do not leave waste or leftovers in the sink, washbasin, shower, or toilet as this may lead to unpleasant blockages.
• Please do not enter the house with hiking boots, soiled boots, or rubber-sole boots. Leave any soiled footwear at the front door. You may enter the house with clean and dry street shoes.

You will receive keys for the front door. Please do not give your keys to outsiders or anyone who is not a registered guest with you.
In the case of lost keys, the guest will have to pay a replacement fee.
No Pets without Previous Arrangement: Pets are not allowed in the holiday villa unless previous arrangements are made between the guests and staff.

Parents are responsible for their children.
We assume no liability for any lost or stolen valuables, or any accidents that occur on site.

Due Diligence:
The renter must treat the rental property with care and ensure that the guests in his or her company comply with the rental conditions.
We understand that nobody deliberately damages property, and that it can happen to anyone. However, we would kindly ask you to report any and all damage that may occur so that we do not have to detect it after your departure. Guests are liable for damages in the amount of the replacement costs.

When leaving the house: Please close all windows to avoid damage caused by any possible weather conditions (rain in particular). To save energy during the hot summer months please ventilate only intermittently and never leave air conditioning running when leaving the house.
Please also remember that all electrical appliances and lights should be switched off.

Parking is available to guests for up to two cars, which are available on the property itself.

All waste must be disposed of accordingly. If you do not know where you can dispose the waste, please ask us and we will be happy to assist. Also, please be sure to always use plastic garbage bags when discarding objects and trash in the rubbish bin and cosmetics disposal bin.

The kitchen sink, toilets, washbasin, and shower must not contain any wastes, food scraps, harmful liquids or the like. Please avoid discarding anything that can cause blockages of the pipes.

Public Rest Periods:
We kindly ask you to consider public rest periods, particularly at noon, throughout the night, and on Sundays. The apartment should respect the normal quiet hours at night from between 23:00 and 7:00, in particular.

Outdoor Area, Pool, and Balconies:
Our outdoor garden, terraces, and balcony on the 1st floor are available for guest use.
However, barbecuing on the balcony is prohibited. We kindly ask you the grill house available to you for these purposes. Please always keep the outside areas clean, which includes the pool area for our guests, the sun-beds and cushions, and the pool-house chairs and cushions. Please unfold and place your bath towels on top of the sun-bed cushions before lying down on the sun-bed to avoid sunscreen, oil, or dirt to stain the fabric. Please dry bath towels accordingly after sunbathing to protect moisture from accumulating in the sun-beds or chair cushions at night. Also, we kindly ask you to clean the pool and maintain it tidy with the net that has been provided for this purpose.

Landlord Maintenance:
Under very rare circumstances, it may be necessary for the Landlord to enter the cottage in order to perform critical maintenance checks for your safety and continued enjoyment during your holiday stay with us. Please note this as an unlikely possibility, and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any concerns.
We wish you a pleasant stay, loads of fun, great relaxation and good rest!

Respectfully Yours,
Villa Alena
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